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RUBADA keen to end Kilombero land conflicts

The assurance was given by the RUBADA Director General, Mr Aloyce Masanja when visiting the area with the aim of talking to farmers and livestock keepers on the need to desist from the area and adhere to laid down regulations. “Proper education is needed in solving this misunderstanding,” he said.

He explained that guards at the reserve area do not need to use excessive force, instead they can employ normal ways so as to avoid misunderstanding between them and farmers on the other hand. 

“Kindly know that this reserve area exist according to law, so do not trespass,” he said, adding that people should wait while the government work on modalities to allocate more land for their use. He stressed that for now people should not go beyond the eight kilometre area outside the reserve area until other arrangements are made.

“The government wants to make sure that this area is utilized for your benefit and the nation at large,” he noted. Mr Masanja said as the custodian of the Kilombero valley, RUBADA will make sure that amicable solution is found without causing unnecessary misunderstanding between the government on one hand and farmers and livestock keepers on the other.

The head of security guards at the Kilombero reserve area, Mr Omary Mhando said they have already started offering education to people living near the area. He noted that some animals such as lions, elephants and antelopes have started coming back to the reserve area after the reduction of human activities. 

Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Morogoro

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