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Security guards, thieves collusion must be stopped

Security guards, thieves collusion must be stopped

The society is in deep trouble if it is the same employed security officers who pass vital information to thieves and allow them to steal property and, sometimes, kill people. This habit is not new in this country. In yesteryears armed robbers used to tie friendly night guards with ropes and gag them with rags before smashing doors and stole property.  The “victimized” guards were paid for their “ordeal.”

Another theft! A prevalence of connivance between robbers and night watchmen was eventually discovered. Today, night guards are normally battered to death or shot by bandits if there is no connivance. They must cooperate, short of which they face the ultimate punishment.

If the guards survive the attack connivance is suspected. Law enforcement officers move in to make an arrest. And, as fate would have it, connivance is established in most robbery incidents these days. This makes it difficult to determine honest night guards.   Some night guards disappear after a successful raid.

Now, who do we turn to for protection of property and lives? Some of the most corrupt night guards are employees of the numerous registered security groups, some of which command a reputation for hard work and honesty.  It is imperative to mention here that some of the most corrupt elements are in the Police Force. Although most Police Station complaint desks carry signs that read: “We offer services for free” many of the officers behind the desks are mean tricksters. 

They extort money from every complainant with threats. And the suspects they eventually arrest face hell-on-earth. It is the same dishonest police officers who make arbitrary arrests and parade trumped up charges against innocent civilians in courts of law.   In the process they milk the families or relatives of their victims with complete impunity.

Such “smart boys in khaki” are stark raving mad. They are outlaws who should be in jail serving long prison sentences. They do not deserve any position in the Police Force either.  It is also suspected that some “boys in khaki” are in league with groups of hardcore criminals. But this is not the best story.

There is an ugly twist in this police tail. Some low-ranking officers complain that it is their bosses who send them on extortion forays.  “Make sure you come back with something,” they are allegedly told by their masters.  Now, this amounts to official command. The “something” the unscrupulous officers allude to is money – extortion money.

The junior officers must carry out the orders to the fullest. So, they go on the prowl pouncing on innocent civilians, making mock arrests and demanding money. Certainly, this should not happen on this country. It is completely unacceptable. Such misconduct can only be prevalent in a rabid world where police officers, who have no respect for rule of law.

Police officers who steal from the very people they are supposed to protect lack all the good requirements of a good police officer.  And the security guards who allow armed gangs to storm the shops or banks that they are entrusted to guard fall into this category of hoodlums. Many offer secret information to thieves to facilitate easy entry to restricted places.

Indeed, some guards are a social menace. They are as bad as the armed bandits they help. In isolated cases the guards watch as thieves ransack parked cars. It may not be easy to get round to this problem.  However, something should be done to stem the rot. 

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