TBL launches 3bn/- effluent treatment plant

TBL launches 3bn/- effluent treatment plant

Minister for Industry, Trade and Marketing Cyril Chami officiated at the launch ceremony, describing the investment as a bold move to protect Themi River that passes by the plant from pollution by industrial waste.

The minister praised TBL for being sensitive and taking initiatives to protect the surrounding environment. “It is important for our industries to team up with the government in protecting the environment for future generations…we have seen our water sources being destroyed by human and industrial activities, threatening our own future,” said Dr Chami.

He added that, “It’s ridiculous to be involved in an investment that only looks at generating income while polluting the environment.” The minister paid tribute to TBL for being the best production company in terms of management, tax payment and general contribution to the national economy.

He said the brewing firm stands out as a privatised company that managed to improve its production and financial performance. Some 74 parastatals were privatised during the privatisation period, with only 42 firms managing to perform well and TBL, according to Dr Chami, tops the list of the performing 42 privatised companies.

TBL Managing Director Robin Goetzsche said the Arusha plant will recycle about 60 per cent of waste water from the brewing processes after installation of additional water recovery treatment plant. “The management is continuing to invest more into upgrading all our treatment plants to be able to comply with local and global regulations on waste water discharge.

Through our internal campaign of Ten Priorities, One Future, controlling our water usage and waste water management are our top priorities,” he said. TBL Arusha plant Manager Bert Grobbler said the commissioned treatment plant has the capacity of treating 12,720 hectoliter per day with an average of Chemical Oxygen Demand mg/1 of 3.8 tons per day.

(One hectoliter is equivalent to 100 liters). He said the treatment plant is one of the top technologies in Africa, treating effluent up to the level that meets the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) and the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) requirements. Arusha Regional Commissioner Magesa Mulongo asked all industry owners in the country to emulate TBL by investing on environmental protection.

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