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Tigo launches promo on cash transfers

“With the advent of mobile money transactions in the country, Tigo wants to continue giving its customers this convenient service with added benefits,” said Tuli Mwaikenda, Tigo Public Relations Officer in a press statement issued in Dar es Salaam.

With thousands of Tigo Pesa transactions taking place daily across the country, she said Tigo is currently offering its subscribers’ transactions for free through money transfer by converting the service charges into airtime. She said the service will be open to all Tigo subscribers.

“Both the sender and the receiver must be Tigo Pesa registered subscribers. Senders will receive up to 1,500/- and a receiver who cashes-out will receive up to 5,000/- in airtime”, she said. She said Tigo subscribers in Dar es Salaam region, who use Tigo Pesa, will get their transfer fees back in air time when sending money to regions other than Dar es Salaam and the receiver will also get their cash-out fees as free airtime.

The same is the case for two subscribers who transfer money within all regions, excluding Dar es Salaam, she added. Also, if a subscriber transfers money from other regions to Dar es Salaam Region will get free airtime back to the amount of his or her transfer fees.

The free airtime will be awarded for that transaction on the next day where a notification SMS will be sent for the bonus value in airtime to call or SMS any Tigo subscriber. She said Tigo has taken major security measures on its Tigo Pesa product but in addition to the strict checks already in place.

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Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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