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TRA picks postal bank for tax collection

TPB spokesperson Noves Moses said in a statement in Dar es Salaam on Thursday that the bank joins the list of banks that the revenue agency has commissioned to collect government dues. 

“As Tanzanians, we are all obliged to pay tax so as not to enter into conflict with the law,” said TPB official. According to Ms Moses, for long, many Tanzanians had been evading taxes, citing many reasons, one being that they were discouraged by long cues at TRA offices.

“As a result, many potential taxpayers opted not to pay,” she said, noting that after the endorsement of TPB as one of the agents for collecting taxes, it would now be easier for Tanzanians to pay their taxes. She said, “Any person can pay his/her tax through Tanzania Postal Bank, regardless of whether he/she is our customer or not.

This will make it easier for a TPB customer who will now be able to perform his/her banking transactions as well as pay tax at a TPB branch without going to TRA offices, which  usually have long queues.”

According to Moves, TRA collection accounts have been opened in our branches-- which means that tax payers will be able to deposit directly to these accounts through TPB branches, observing that “Tanzania Postal Bank boasts of quick, convenient and efficient service to its customers.”

Mwandishi: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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