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Uluguru trounce Academy girls in cricket

It was the second time for the Morogoro-based side to lay hands on silverware in the domestic top flight women cricket event as the team won the title in 2010. The success has, in turn, elevated the team to one of the most successful alongside Morogoro Girls and Dar es Salaam’s Academy Girls.

Uluguru Girls, who were led by experienced skipper, Monica Paschal, made full use of their home ground advantage in the final and punished their opponents with every mistake the latter committed. Academy Girls had the opportunity to start batting in the final but they struggled for the better part of the innings and could only register 87 runs all out.

Uluguru Girls, on reply, went for a smooth chase of the target and reached it for the loss of only two wickets. Uluguru Girls had thrashed Dar es Salaam Combine by seven wickets in the semi-final and their commanding performance in the game was a clear indication of the former’s desire to prolong their dominance in the tournament.

Dar es Salaam Combine opted to start batting in the semi-final and posted 108 runs for the loss of two wickets in 20 overs but, despite boasting of the encouraging total on their way back to the pavilion, the Dar es Salaam girls disappointingly failed to defend it during their opponents’ chase.

Uluguru Girls, deploying a mixture of experienced performers and talented young players, then confidently chased the score for the loss of three wickets to cruise to the final. In the other semi-final, Academy Girls did some sort of revenge when they handed Morogoro Girls a 28-run defeat at the same venue shortly thereafter.

Academy Girls started to bat and recorded 103 runs for six wickets in the allotted 20 overs and Morogoro Girls, on reply, managed 75 runs all out to consequently lose out on a place in the final. Arusha Girls and Zanaki Girls were the other participants in the one-week tournament, which was organized by the TCA Development Committee in a bid to maintain effective promotion of cricket among women in the country.

For Monica, the success in this year’s TCA Regional Women Championship was a continuation of her tremendous contribution to the progress of women cricket in Morogoro, where she is also coaching young girls that have been drafted to the TCA junior development programme.

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