Vodacom drops charges

Vodacom drops charges


According to a press release issued by the company on Monday, customers in East and South Africa will enjoy free incoming calls while in other nine African countries will also get huge roaming savings. Vodacom said customers would receive free incoming calls, free incoming SMS, lower calls and data rates while roaming on the Vodacom Lesotho and Vodacom Mozambique.

Others are Vodacom South Africa, Vodacom DRC, Vodafone Ghana and Safaricom Kenya, MTN Rwanda, MTN Uganda, UTL Uganda and UCOM Burundi networks.

Vodacom Tanzania Managing Director Rene Meza said they understand that people want to remain connected at an affordable rate and free from worries roaming bills ‘whether they are at home or on holiday in various countries in Africa.’

“What we are launching today is a solution to give our customers peace of mind when travelling,” Mr Meza said in the press statement. He said Vodacom subscribers, both post-paid and pre-paid will be able to receive free incoming calls, make calls and surf on the internet at affordable rates while visiting one of the African countries under the promotion.

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